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Wales unveils three-year diabetes plan

Views sought on patient centred care and intensive insulin therapy

By Ailsa Colquhoun

18th of January 2013

Diabetes services delivered locally, and better access to intensive insulin therapy are among the ambitions of a new Welsh diabetes strategy for 2016.


Out for consultation until March 15, the 2016 Diabetes Delivery Plan, Together for Health, sets out Wales' ambition for patient-centred diabetes care, supported by access to the most clinically appropriate therapies.  


The plan calls for new community diabetes teams with specialist nurses, who can be deployed to engage ‘hard to reach groups' and formulate care plans in more challenging situations. The plan also seeks to deliver services as locally as possible, ensuring that "care is given in the most appropriate place for the patient and not the service".


Looking at diabetes therapies, the consultation states: "Over the next three years we want to see significant progress in patient access to intensive insulin therapy. There is evidence that intensive insulin treatment reduces microvascular complications in type 1 and type 2 diabetes and emerging evidence of a later effect on large vessel complications when tight control is achieved. The importance of multiple dose insulin treatment as an alternative to pumps should also be considered, with provision being evidence-based and taking account of patient choice."


Insulin therapy is among the eight National Prescribing Indicators for 2013-2014 endorsed by Welsh medicines advisors, the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group.


Following the consultation, local health boards will be expected to review their diabetes delivery plans and services, and make adjustments to achieve by 2016 the expectations set out by the consultation.


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