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NHS Prescription Services surveys

Users invited to comment on Prescribing Toolkits report and internet access

By Ailsa Colquhoun

7th of  December, 2011


NHS Prescription Services are reviewing its Prescribing Toolkit reports and functionality, and internet access as part of an initiative to modernise its information systems.


In surveys open until December 16, dispensing doctors can comment on the Prescribing Toolkit report and Internet Access 


The Prescribing Toolkit survey looks for comments on which reports you use and how frequently, and how else the toolkit can be improved. NHS Prescription Services says: "The Prescribing Toolkit was designed to provide routinely required prescribing analysis data for information service users working in primary care.  As the focus of prescribing analysis has changed over time


NHS Prescription Services would like to take this opportunity to review the information provided."


The internet survey looks to elicit information from users about how they access the internet (which browsers they use) to improve use of the Information System.

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