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A tale of three drugs

Multiple lines features in price risers and fallers during May

June 7th 2019

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By Wavedata

At the latest recce of the market, GPs found themselves in the enviable position of being able to achieve better prices for both parallel imports and generics, compared to pharmacies – particularly, those who have created buying groups to negotiate on their behalf.

In terms of specific market headlines, during May, Wavedata’s analysis of market offers shows that no single product hogged the limelight although triplets were noteworthy among both the risers and the fallers: specifically, in the former: three packs each of escitalopram and metoprolol tabs, and among the latter, three packs each of ascorbic acid, oxycodone PR and repaglinide tabs.

DDA members can view the detail of the price offers, and sources, by visiting the online library of Wavedata purchase price analyses.

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