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DDA feature looks at ways of combatting the inherent dangers of technology for dispensing practice

July 10th 2018

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By Dr Philip Koopowitz

Technology marches on and the ability of your dispensary to adapt to the digital age will determine whether your practice survives or not.

Recently, practices experienced the EMIS debacle, which offered patients the ability to nominate a pharmacy without a full explanation of the consequences of doing so. Luckily, members notified the DDA of the damage being done, and thanks to the excellent work of the DDA’s CEO, Matthew Isom and the DDA office staff, the DDA was able to communicate rapidly with most practices, and to contact EMIS and ensure that no further damage was done. There were obviously unintended consequences of what at first sight looked like a good upgrade to the EMIS online access site.

Without being too much of a doom monger, I feel that we are about to see many more technological advances, aimed at improving patient access to care. These will have the same unintended consequences of driving patients to online pharmacies and eroding the foundation stone of rural general practice. So, how can dispensing doctors adapt to survive?

DDA members can read some good advice by visiting the Dispensary Management Zone.

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