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Advanz Pharma paracetamol packaging issue

Affected batches are labelled capsules instead of tablets

January 15th 2020

Tagged: Clinical guidance news Dispensary guidance news MHRA alert


Advanz Pharma has advised of a packaging error on Zapain 30mg/500mg tablets x 100 (codeine phosphate/paracetamol). Affected batches have the word ‘capsules’ printed at the top right of the packs in place of ‘tablets’). The other product details – name, strength and pharmaceutical form of the medicine – are correct.

Healthcare professionals are advised to exercise caution when dispensing the product. There is no risk to product quality and affected batches are not  being recalled.

For stock control queries please contact on 08708 877025 or

For any medical information enquires please contact Medical Information Department on the e-mail or telephone on 08700 703033


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