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“Amazon’s attack on the industry has begun”

Brexit has shed light on the role of healthcare distribution

October 21st 2019

Tagged: Conference news

By Ailsa Colquhoun

“Disruptors and disruption will inevitably happen. Amazon’s attack on the pharmacy industry has begun. The danger is that change will happen to us and not with us,” Jeremy Main, chairman of the Healthcare Distribution Association told the DDA 2019 annual conference.

He said that pharmacists today were focussed on their future role and funding issues, and concerns that resonate with dispensing GPs. These are:

  • Shortages/availability
  • Concentration of supply: wholesaler-owned pharmacies; single distributor model; hub and spoke and quotas
  • (Perceived) market manipulation by wholesalers
  • Poor customer service

He said that one silver lining of Brexit for wholesalers and distributors is that “the DHSC actually understands how medicines get to patients”. Following market research, he said that the healthcare distribution business would work to improve aspects such as the following:

  • Transparency
  • Being Focussed on partner’s needs
  • Innovation
  • Customer-service orientation
  • Collaboration
  • Products available when and where needed

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