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Antibiotic guidance for treatment of group A streptococcus

NHSE guidance gives information on administration to children and tablet crushing

December 12th 2022

Tagged: Clinical guidance news

By Ailsa Colquhoun

NHS England has published clinical guidance for diagnosing and treating group A streptococcus in children

In terms of antibiotic choice, the guidance recommends phenoxymethylpenicillin as first line due to its high effectiveness, no reported resistance, and narrow spectrum of activity.

In the event of non-availability, amoxicillin, macrolides and cefalexin are alternative agents in decreasing

Also available are links to videos and information leaflets for parents on how to administer tablet/capsules for children, and on tablet crushing.

In separate guidance, the chief pharmaceutical officer states that supplies are readily available with manufacturers. Deliveries into wholesalers and pharmacies are being expedited and are expected in the coming days.

Where antibiotic therapy is required for the treatment of suspected GAS infection, prescribers and local pharmacy teams should:

  • work together to understand availability of antibiotics locally, and;
  • order antibiotic stocks sensibly, in line with patient demand, ensuring that excessive quantities are not ordered and avoiding more pressure on the supply chain.