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BMA Cymru advises prescribing ‘status quo’ for dispensing practices

56-day prescribing from April requires dispensing fee rethink

February 9th 2022

Tagged: DM Zone news Wales

By Ailsa Colquhoun

Dispensing practices are advised to maintain “the status quo” when prescribing for dispensing patients, as Wales looks to move all suitable patients from 28- to 56-day prescribing.

From April 2022 prescribers are asked to reduce prescribing intervals to 56-day prescribing in an effort to reduce costs and practice workload and improve patient convenience. Later this year, there are also plans to transfer the prescribing of gluten-free products and appliances away from pharmacy and dispensing doctors.

The DDA, in discussion with BMA Cymru and the Welsh Government, has highlighted the effect of changes to prescribing intervals on dispensing fees.  Negotiations will include plans to separate Wales from England when calculating dispensing fees, and implement a new fee structure that would enable dispensing doctors to benefit from the reduced workload of 56-day prescribing without losing dispensing fee income.

A briefing has been produced for practices detailing prescribing change-over advice (for non dispensing patients) and exclusion criteria.