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BMA issues FMD workload warning

FMD will be "burdensome", BMA warns

November 22nd 2018

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By Ailsa Colquhoun

The benefits of NHS IT will only be fully realised if the NHS finds the resources to fund suitable practice IT and internet connections, the GPC has said in new Falsified Medicines Directive guidance.

The BMA has been meeting regularly with the Department of Health and Social Care and others to ensure that the interests of GPs are represented and any adverse implications of the FMD introduction on practices are mitigated.
It argues strongly that the NHS must fund the equipment required and make the necessary IT equipment available to facilitate the Directive so that the impact on the workload of GPs and their employees is kept to a minimum.

The DDA and BMA have demanded that NHS England pay for FMD Kit and Software.  This is part of the 2019 contract negotiations between BMA/DDA and NHS England.

The DDA reiterates advice that practices should not purchase any hard/software until the DDA and BMA have concluded these negotiations.

The GPC believes that the FMD authentication system will result in burdensome bureaucracy for pharmacists, practices and dispensing doctors and that it will not fit in with current pharmacy/dispensary IT systems. This is likely to result in an increase in the time taken to dispense, thereby representing an increase in workload.

NHS England have yet to issue guidance to CCGs and primary care contractors, something the DDA has demanded as a matter of urgency. DDA chairman Dr Richard West, said: “It is intolerable that NHS England is leaving practices and CCGs without the necessary information about the FMD.  This is causing unnecessary difficulties and there is much misinformation circuiting.  It should not be the for the DDA to inform CCGs of the situation. Practices have enough to deal with at the moment.”

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