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Brexit sparks concern over product shortages

Over 800 products could be affected

August 8th 2018

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By Wavedata

Dispensing doctors have continued to do well with their generic buying over the last three months, achieving purchase prices over one Pound cheaper than could pharmacists in April and May, and over three Pounds cheaper in June. However, for parallel imports over the past three months, pharmacists have seen the advantage.

With Brexit around the corner, however, getting stock at any price may become the norm. In June this analysis noted 800 products which were only available as imports; dispensaries are warned that their continuing availability is far from certain as the economic situation changes.

Turning to July, it has been hard to identify many common themes in price changes. The few exceptions are, among the risers, three packs of famciclovir tabs, and two of propranolol, and in the fallers, two packs each of oxybutynin and pioglitazone tabs.

For the full analysis, DDA members can visit the library of purchase price analysis provided by Wavedata.

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