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Care home care earns Wye Surgery an outstanding rating

Practice has a proactive approach to reducing waste

January 23rd 2017

Tagged: CQC

By Ailsa Colquhoun

DDA member, the Wye Surgery, near Ashford, Kent has been given an overall outstanding rating by the CQC for its outstanding performance on the measures of responsiveness and quality of leadership.

Inspectors particularly noted that the practice was proactive in reducing medicines waste: one dispensary technician had an extended role to provide support to staff of a local care home, to reduce the amount of unnecessary medicines ordered for residents – even though none of the care home patients qualified for the practice’s dispensing service.

General patients were also educated to only order what they needed; cost savings were calculated at £887.97 over a two-week period.

Inspectors described the delivery service for housebound and vulnerable patients as providing outstanding care for older people.  Inspectors also noted that six dispensers held the NVQ3 qualification, and four were registered pharmacy technicians, who shared good practice with other surgeries.

The Sleights and Sandsend dispensing medical practice, near Whitby, Yorkshire, was also rated outstanding, with top rating for its caring and responsiveness.

Inspectors highlighted use of a solar-powered eco-car to delivery medicines to patients. However, it also advised the practice to improve the following aspects:

  • Record and monitor near misses and dispensing errors to improve the safety of the service
  • Ensure dispensary staff follow new protocols
  • Maintain appropriate cold storage records in line with national guidance.

Rated inadequate is the Orchard Surgery in St Ives.

The practice was told to risk assess access to the dispensary, after inspectors found that access to medicines was not restricted to authorised staff, and that there was no written risk assessment to identify and mitigate dispensary risks. Inspectors also noted that dispensing errors or issues were not shared with the wider practice team.

Dispensary staff were also told to record the findings of temperature checks.

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