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Category M prices changes announced for July 2019

June 27th 2019

Tagged: DM Zone news England

By Charles Gladwin

The July 2019 (Q2) Category M price changes have been published, with eight additions and five deletions.

In summary:
• 20 have more than doubled in price compared to April (with 8 more than trebling)
• 50 items have been reduced in price by at least 20% (with 9 falling more than 50%)
• 8 items have been added
• 5 items have been deleted

There are currently 632 active items on the list, out of a total of 677 that have appeared on the list since April 2017.

Excluding the new product entries to the list, the top five price increases are:

Drug Pack size April price (£) Price rise in July (£)
Sevelamer 800mg tablets 180 55.44 82.14
Ibandronic acid 50mg tablets 28 26.30 41.70
Dosulepin 75mg tablets 28 4.88 10.87
Amiloride 5mg tablets 28 3.29 8.60
Naproxen 500mg gastro-resistant tablets 56 14.1 7.16

The five products with the greatest price reductions between the April Q1 and July Q2 lists are:

Drug Pack size April price (£) Price change in July (£)
Liothyronine 20microgram tablets 28 206.71 -23.31
Carbimazole 20mg tablets 100 92.01 -21.71
Levetiracetam 100mg/ml oral solution sugar free 300 28.94 -16.27
Risperidone 4mg tablets 60 32.74 -7.91
Propylthiouracil 50mg tablets 56 24.50 -7.34

DDA members can view the full spreadsheet, sorted by price history, price order, price change and price percentage change by visiting the library of Category M Updates in the Dispensary Management Zone.

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