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Community pharmacy margin information published

Dispensing GP dispensing volumes also included

February 8th 2023

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By Ailsa Colquhoun

DHSC has published information on community pharmacy margins, and the the total number of items dispensed in the community in England in each of the last five financial years broken down by English dispenser account type (includes dispensing GPs in England).

This was in response to a written question by Lord Rogan of the Ulster Unionist party.

The response was as follows:

England only Community Pharmacy
Average margin per item (£)Prescription items (m)

These figures do not include remuneration for the pharmacy service.

In terms of dispensing volumes (item numbers), the figures supplied are as follows:

Dispenser Account Type2017/20182018/20192019/20202020/20212021/2022
English Appliance Contractor8,627,9109,043,6379,787,03510,020,14110,908,020
English Dispensing Doctor69,672,68570,368,21572,024,65670,530,05772,082,457
English Personal Administration14,829,10414,606,24914,468,18913,180,27313,231,305
English Pharmacy Contractor1,013,292,4031,015,065,2051,035,763,8551,016,856,7631,043,054,789

Source: NHS Business Services Authority