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Concession prices on the rise as supply complexities increase

January purchase price analysis

February 8th 2019

Tagged: DM Zone news

By Wavedata

Shortages are much in the news at the moment as the introduction, tomorrow, of the FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive), and Brexit, collectively make the manufacturing, transport and supply of pharmaceuticals considerably more complex. The volume of concessions, which rose to the end of 2017 before falling in 2018, is now on the rise again. Additionally, the value of the concession price rises is once again on the rise, mirroring the pattern of volume increases. This is likely to mean shortages in the generics market for some time to come.

Making the headlines among January’s purchase price movers were, among those rising, the four packs each of candesartan and carvedilol tabs, and two packs of nortriptyline tabs, and among those falling three packs of risperidone tabs, and two each of pioglitazone and temazepam tabs.

DDA members can view the detail of these price movements in the full spreadsheet located in the library of purchase price analyses.

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