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Councils add backing to market town leadership group

Group seeks to 'level-up' market towns

April 7th 2022

Tagged: Rurality

By Ailsa Colquhoun

The National Association of Local Councils has teamed up with the Rural Services Network to champion market towns.

The RSN’s Rural Market Towns Group brings together rural/market towns to enable them to best practice and to underline the important role they play in rural life, and their potential in the future.

Graham Briggs, chief executive of the RSN, said: “English rural areas and the rural towns who serve them need consideration and levelling up as well as individual urban areas. They and those who reside in them have continually been overlooked by successive governments. This initiative looks to provide the much-needed focus to the rural and market towns that form the very spine of the country.”

The DDA is a supporter of the RSN.