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COVID treatment and trial therapies endorsement guidance published

Endorse 'FS' and treat as exempt

June 14th 2022

Tagged: Dispensary guidance news England COVID19

By Ailsa Colquhoun

DHSC has issued endorsing and submission guidance for COVID treatments and for patients participating in either the HEAL-COVID clinical trial platform or the STIMULATE-ICP clinical trial platform.

Prescribers are asked to write the COVID treatment drugs on a separate prescription from any other prescribed medicines and to include an ‘FS’ endorsement on the prescription whether electronically or by hand.

Patients should not pay a prescription charge for these drugs and the reverse of the FP10 form does not need to be completed and a patient’s signature is not required.

For prescriptions containing items endorsed with FS and chargeable items, if a patient is not exempt from prescription charges, the amount paid for the chargeable items should be entered on the form and the patient should sign the form or token.

Paper prescriptions with items endorsed with FS should be placed in the red separator for exempt prescriptions when submitted to the NHSBSA for processing.

These arrangements apply until 31 March 2023.