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CQC sets out new regulation strategy

Focus on digital, and corporate, social and environmental responsibilty

January 8th 2021

Tagged: England CQC

By Ailsa Colquhoun

How GPs use digital services to meet people’s needs, and more targeted inspections, are among the changes mooted in the new CQC strategy for regulation in England.

Divided into four themes, the CQC’s new regulation strategy will also focus on equality, diversity and inclusion, and corporate social responsibility, as well as environmental sustainability.

The consultation, running until Thursday 4 March, focuses on these four areas::

People and communities: Regulation driven by people’s experiences, expectations and needs from health and care services

Smarter regulation: More flexible and dynamic assessments including more frequently updated ratings

Safety through learning: Strengthened safety cultures, with a focus on the organisation’s skill set and investment in learning and improvement

Accelerating improvement: Prioritised regulation and system-level integration.

The full strategy is available online.

According to the CQC, the consultation “sets a bold ambition for the next five years”.

It continues: “The world of health and social care is changing. So are we. We need to make changes to the way we regulate so that it’s more relevant and more flexible.”

The CQC has published a blog about the proposed strategy.

GPS can  submit a consultation response or respond via CitizenLab.

  • Later in January the CQC will hold a second consultation on proposals to manage regulation through the pandemic in the short term, while also laying the foundations to deliver our next strategy and future regulatory model.