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DDA adds smoking cessation dispenser training

Be ready for No Smoking Day 2019

February 11th 2019

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By Asha Fowells

Smoking rates in the UK may be dropping – according to NHS figures, 15.5 per cent of adults smoked in 2016 down from 19.9 per cent in 2010 – but it is still the biggest cause of cancer across the world. The solution of giving up may be obvious, but many people find it far from simple.

This training, available free and exclusively to DDA members, is designed to provide practice dispensary staff with background information on smoking cessation so you can focus on the opportunity of No Smoking Day 2019 (March 12) to help your patients better manage their quit attempt.

By the end of the training you will:

  • understand how smoking impacts on health and society as a whole
  • appreciate why people start smoking and why quitting can be difficult
  • grasp your role in helping smokers give up the habit
  • know what support, pharmaceutical and otherwise, is available to smokers trying to stop.

Throughout this training, you will find various activities to help reinforce your learning. Ten, multiple choice questions at the end will help you identify any areas needing a quick recap. Visit the online training library now!

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