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DDA chairman addresses the 2017 DDA annual conference

DDA tells members: We are working to secure a sustainable future for dispensing practice

October 18th 2017

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By Ailsa Colquhoun

Today, DDA chairman Dr Richard West will use the 2017 annual conference address to tell health ministers to “look after what you have”.

Once lost, cost-effective systems such as the network of dispensing GPs will be very difficult to replace, he will tell health ministers in England, Scotland and Wales, adding: “New systems will be more expensive.”

In his address to 2017 conference delegates, taking place at 12 noon today, the opening day of the DDA annual conference, Dr West will urge NHS administrations around the country to put in place rural solutions that facilitate the dispensing service.  “Dispensing is a key to the survival of rural general practice,” delegates will hear Dr West say.

In his presentation, which takes place before the DDA AGM, Dr West will outline and explain the challenges facing dispensing practice. These include:

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