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DDA dispenser training looks at travel vaccines

Keep your patients healthy during and after their travels

May 31st 2019

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By Asha Fowells

There’s no place like home, but a love of travel still runs deep: according to the Office of National Statistics, in 2016 UK residents made over 70 million overseas visits, up 8 per cent on the previous year. Most of these trips were to go on holiday, and while travellers are generally quite good at remembering to take items such as sunscreen, taking other preventative measures to protect their health can be overlooked

This training, available free and exclusively to DDA members, is designed to provide practice dispensary staff with background information so you are in a better position to advise individuals going abroad about protecting themselves against potentially dangerous diseases. Throughout this module, you will find various activities to help reinforce your learning, and ten multiple choice questions at the end will help you identify any areas needing a quick recap.

By the end of this article, you will:

  • know why vaccinations might be necessary for people going abroad, other than those given as part of the NHS routine schedule
  • appreciate when and why proof of vaccination is sometimes required upon entry to certain countries
  • understand which diseases can be protected against using vaccinations
  • grasp the seriousness of malaria and know there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution in terms of chemoprophylaxis.

DDA members can view the training, take the self-assessment quiz and download a certificate of completion by visiting the library of Dispenser Education Modules.

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