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DDA drug information quizzes turn to BP med regimens

Is a bedtime dose a good idea?

December 19th 2019

Tagged: Clinical Zone news

By Asha Fowells

An elderly couple comes in to collect the man’s blood pressure medication. The lady tells you proudly that she has encouraged her husband to take his blood pressure medication at night, after reading an article in a newspaper. The results, she says, speak for themselves: his blood pressure has dropped to the lowest point it has been for years. The man, however, tells you a slightly different story: yes, his blood pressure is lower, but, literally, by one or two mmHg on the two readings. Most importantly, he finds this new regimen makes him very tired. He is taking irbesartan 150mg, lacidipine 4mg and indapamide 2.5mg. All are once-daily dosing. How would you respond? DDA members can read some advice in the DDA’s online library of drug information quizzes.

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