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DDA publishes dispensing practice analysis of the new GMS contract settlement

What the new deal means for you

February 14th 2017

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By Dr David Jenner

The contract for 2017/18 will see an investment of some £238.7 million.

This includes:

  • A pay uplift of one per cent and general expenses uplift of 1.4 per cent
  • A change in the value of a quality and outcomes framework (QOF) point as a result of a contractor population index (CPI) adjustment. There will be no changes this year to the number of QOF points, indicators or thresholds
  • An increase in the payment for learning disabilities health check scheme
  • Changes to the GP retention scheme with an additional £1 million investment
  • Funding to cover expenses relating to submission of data for the NHS digital workforce census (£1.5 million), contractual changes relating to overseas visitors (£5 million) and pensions administration levy (estimated £3.8 million). This funding will be added to the global sum allocation without the out-of-hours (OOH) deduction applied
  • A recurrent payment of £2 million for workload related to transfer of patient records. This figure will be reviewed from time to time with regards to workload issues. It will be added to the global sum allocation without the OOH deduction applied
  • Estimated costs to support changes to payment arrangements for parental leave and sickness absence
  • Funding to cover expenses relating to Care Quality Commission (CQC) costs (estimated £22.5 million), indemnity fee increases (£30 million) and business improvement district (BID) levies (estimated £1 million). CQC and BID levy costs will be reimbursed directly and indemnity costs will be reimbursed based on practice list size.

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