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Understand the considerations of using an appliance contractor partner

June 12th 2018

Tagged: DDA news Dispensary guidance news

By Ailsa Colquhoun

Being able to correctly dispense prescriptions for appliances are vital if the dispensary is to avoid expensive mistakes.

This module, the eighth in our exclusive DDA member series on dispensing business training, will help you understand the rules relating to using an appliance contractor in England, Wales, and Scotland.

Questions at the end of the module are designed to test understanding, and there is a downloadable certificate, for local customisation, for those participants achieving an 80%+ correct score.

Information covers:

  • To understand the considerations when choosing to partner with a dispensing appliance contractor
  • To understand the process of using a DAC
  • To know where to find reimbursement information in the drug tariffs

DDA members can view this training module, and others in this series, in the member-only library of dispensing business training.

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