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DDA quizzes turn to laxatives

Find out how much you know about faecal impaction

December 12th 2017

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By Asha Fowells

A woman comes in with a prescription for Movicol, sodium picosulfate and lactulose for her young son who has faecal impaction. She says that the doctor has been very clear about how and when to use the various laxatives in order to clear the obstruction, but she is surprised that her son hasn’t been prescribed suppositories or enemas as she had thought these would be more effective. She is also unsure about using the various products regularly after the problem has resolved, as the doctor has suggested. Surely it would be better to use them on an intermittent basis according to need?

Do you know how you would advise this lady? Read our advice in the DDA’s library of drug information quizzes.

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