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DDA reimbursement consultation response calls for an end to loss-making dispensing

Time for reimbursement certainty

September 18th 2019

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By Ailsa Colquhoun

The DDA has published its response to the Department of Health and Social Care’s community pharmacy drug reimbursement consultation. Among the key principles proposed by the DDA are the following:
  • Reimbursement mechanisms should prevent any unintended patient safety risks and not conflict with any regulatory and/or professional guidance or standards expected of dispensing doctors and their staff
  • Where reimbursement prices are set by reference to suppliers’ prices, these should principally be the suppliers from which dispensing doctors directly purchase medicines
  • Reimbursement mechanisms should as far as possible be designed to prevent dispensing doctors dispensing prescriptions at a financial loss
  • Reimbursement mechanisms should as far as possible provide certainty of reimbursement to dispensing doctors prior to the dispensing of the items concerned
  • There should be a smooth transition from current systems to any newly implemented system, with regular reviews to assess the impact of the changes
  • The ‘reactivity’ of the system to supplier price changes should not be reduced
The consultation response includes specific answers to questions relating to proposed changes to the determination of reimbursement prices of generic medicines in Categories A, M and C, and the process for sourcing Specials. The DDA has also called for a dispensing GP specific impact assessment, and for involvement in the reimbursement discussions. Read the DDA’s response.