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DDA urges dispensing GPs to comment in GPDF consultation

Ensure rural voices are heard

March 24th 2022

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By Ailsa Colquhoun

The DDA is urging dispensing GPs to contribute to a GPDF (previously General Medical Services Defence Fund) consultation in relation to the review of GP representation.

All GPs, whether partners, fixed share partners (sometimes referred to as salaried partners), salaried, locums, trainees, returners and retainees, are invited to take part. The DDA would like rural GPs to respond to ensure all decisions by the GPDF are rural-proofed and support the contractor model.

Take part in the consultation online.

The devolved nature of representation and the healthcare systems (England, Scotland, and Wales) is recognised and therefore it is intended that the results of this consultation will be reported on a nation basis, not a collective basis.