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Dispensing fees to fall by 19.4 per cent from October

April 24 feescale will implement a 13.3 per cent rise

October 2nd 2023

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By Ailsa Colquhoun

The October 23 feescale for dispensing GPs in England has been published, bringing in an average 19.4 per cent cut in the fee, compared to April 23. (*note bandings are not directly comparable). The new feescale came into effect from October 1.

For the first time, the publication of the October 23 feescale also includes the April 24 feescale, applicable from April 1, 2024, which brings fees up by an average of 13.3 per cent.

The feescales have been published in he General Medical Services Statement of Financial Entitlements (Amendment) Directions 2023.

This has also been placed in the SFE library for DDA members.

Oct 23 feescaleApr 23 bandings*April 24 feescale
Total prescriptions calculated
separately for
each individual practitioner
Fee/Rx (p) Change (p) 

(Apr 23- Oct 23)

% change

(Apr 23- Oct 23)

Total prescriptions calculated separately for each individual dispensing practitioner, in bandsFee/Rx (p)Change

(Oct 23- Apr 24)

% change
(Oct 23- Apr 24)
Up to 464207.4Up to 454-40.3-19.4Up to 464235.027.613.3
4647 and over183.64552+ over-35.7-19.44647 and over208.124.513.3

An update on the dispensing fee for Welsh dispensing GPs from October 1 is expected next month. Fees from 1 April 2023 are available online.

Scottish dispensing GPs await recommendations from the DDRB on GP earnings. The Scottish Government has advised that any changes to the SFE will be
retrospective to 1 April 2022 unless otherwise specified.