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Dispensing GPs make the best of a competitive market

November 2017 purchase price analysis

December 6th 2017

Tagged: DM Zone news

By Wavedata

The European Falsified Medicines Directive and possible trade barriers to come out of a hard Brexit put generics and parallel import suppliers under huge pressure to offer competitive prices, according to the latest market analysis by Wavedata.

Yet dispensing GPs continue to negotiate some of the best prices in the market, particularly from generics suppliers which seem more willing to accommodate the demands of those with prescribing powers.

During November, key purchase price ‘fallers’ include ferrous fumarate and ascorbic acid tabs, and pregabalin caps, while notable among the risers are glimepiride tabs, which look set to suffer supply problems: since September, the number of market offers has declined from 257 to 176 in November.

Also among the fallers in November were two packs of ibuprofen tabs and one of losartan tabs.

DDA members can view the full Wavedata analysis by visiting the DDA’s online library of purchase price analyses.

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