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Dispensing GPs see less than half non-dispensing GPs’ gross earnings growth

NHS statistics reveal four-year financial attrition

September 15th 2020

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By Ailsa Colquhoun

Dispensing GPs have seen less than half of the growth in gross earnings enjoyed by non-dispensing GPs, analysis of expenses and earnings statistics over a four-year period reveals.

This shows that since 2015-16, dispensing GPs have seen gross earnings rise by 9.6 per cent, compared to the 19.5 per cent rise seen by non-dispensing GPs, over the four years to 2018-19.

Income before tax reveals a similar pattern, with non-dispensing GPs recording a 14.1 per cent rise in income before tax, compared the 6.5 per cent seen by dispensing GPs over the period 2015/16-2018/19.

The NHS Digital report, GP Earnings and Expenses 2018-19, details dispensing GPs gross earnings, expenses and income before tax for each of the home countries.

England dispensing GP3,1503,4003,6003,700
Gross Earnings£395,900£415,600£434,000£453,800
Total expenses£280,000£296,700£313,000£332,200
Income before tax£115,900£118,900£121,000£121,700


England non dispensing GP15,15016,45016,75016,550
Gross earnings£298,800£322,400£340,800£364,600
Total Expenses£196,300£214,600£229,100£248,300
Income before tax£102,500£107,700£111,700£116,300
Wales dispensing GPs300300250250

Gross Earnings

Total expenses£214,000£216,500£231,900£224,500
Income before tax£108,300£105,000£109,800£116,400
Wales non dispensing GPs1,3501,3001,2001,300
Gross Earnings£232,100£242,000£255,500£281,000
Total expenses£141,900£147,400£158,000£176,800
Income before tax£90,200£94,600£97,500£104,300


Scotland dispensing GP200200200200
Gross Earnings£306,500£295,500£299,700£328,900
Total Expenses£199,900£190,400£191,200£214,700
Income before tax£106,600£105,200£108,500£114,100


Scotland non dispensing GP3,4003,3003,2503,100
Gross Earnings£190,800£196,700£203,100£217,400
Total Expenses£102,200£106,800£110,900£116,900
Income before tax£88,600£90,000£92,100£100,500