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Dispensing GPs set the pace in import buying

GPs get the best prices for generics and imports

April 2nd 2019

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By Wavedata

Dispensing doctors continue to command the best prices in generics, and they seem to be strengthening their buying power in imports, too, stealing the lead in this area from pharmacies.

In terms of generics, in the most recent market analysis (to end February), there were no stand-out purchase price risers or fallers.

However, among the risers there were three packs of metoprolol tabs, as well as two packs each of carvedilol, ferrous fumarate and ibandronic acid tabs, and of celecoxib caps. Among the fallers were two packs each of ethambutol tabs and rivastigmine caps.

DDA members can view the detail of the market price analysis by visiting the library in the Dispensary Management Zone.

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