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Dispensing GPs thwart market pressure from shortages

December 2019 purchase price analysis

January 14th 2020

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By Wavedata

Data for the end of December reveals that dispensing doctors continue to beat pharmacies for the prices they can negotiate on generics and parallel imports, and are even increasing margin on purchases – product shortages during the year notwithstanding.

Looking at the final month of the year, most noteworthy were the three pairs of formulations featuring in both the price ‘fallers’ and ‘risers’. Fallers include aspirin disp, rivastigmine and trazodone, and the risers: imipramine, isosorbide dinitrate and venlafaxine XL. Quinine sulphate tabs had a foot in each camp, according to this exclusive DDA member analysis from Wavedata.

DDA members can view the detail of the analysis by visiting our library of purchase price analyses.

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