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Emerade AAI shortage alert

CAS published to cover short-term disruption

August 5th 2019

Tagged: supply shortages

By Ailsa Colquhoun

Bausch & Lomb have advised of a supply issue with Emerade 300mcg and 500 mcg adrenaline auto-injector (AAI) devices.

Due to short term disruption, the company expects to be out of stock of the 500mcg strength until Wednesday 28 August, and for 300mcg strength between early-mid August until end of September.

A Central Alerting System (CAS) update has been published offering guidance on the supply issue and on switching patients to alternative adrenaline auto-injector pens.

DHSC has confirmed that there should be sufficient quantities of  stock from alternate AAI suppliers to support the whole UK market during this period.

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