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EPS moves into post-nomination phase

Trial aims to remove need for nominations

December 5th 2018

Tagged: Dispensary guidance news England

By Ailsa Colquhoun

NHS Digital has launched a pilot that moves the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) into a post-nomination phase ‘four’.

If successful, the new phase will remove the need for patients to nominate a dispenser before their prescriptions are dispensed. Existing patient nominations are unaffected by the development, as are dispensing practices, which remain ‘outside’ the EPS. 

DDA chairman Dr Richard West said: “NHS England Digital could have 100 per cent coverage of electronic prescriptions if they would fund EPS for dispensing practices.  It is quite wrong that rural patients have been discriminated against.”

The current phase four pilot of eight GP practices across England will be extended during 2019. If the pilot is successful, the new functionality will be made available to GP practices in England.

The benefits of EPS phase four include:

  • faster and more secure process
  • prescription progress tracker.

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