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Flu vaccination campaign advice

Plan well for good results

September 6th 2017

Tagged: Clinical Zone news England

By Wessex LMCs

Wessex LMCs has issued advice for GPs planning their 2017-18 flu vaccination campaign.

In its latest newsletter, the group advises GPs to think carefully about how they can “provide a service that is better than other providers”.

In the past, practices that performed best were those that planned set-date mass vaccination clinics, for example, on a Saturday morning, in addition to more flexible smaller clinics or individual appointments.

Other tips on achieving a successful flu vaccination campaign include the following:

  • Engage with your care homes and commit to dates to vaccinate
  • Get your PPG involved in helping to organise the patients.
  • Provide a leaflet to patients when they arrive – informing them of possible side effects, contra indications etc.
  • Use the opportunity to collect QoF data – use the leaflet to ask about alcohol and smoking data.
  • Online services will help practices – use the leaflet to collect email addresses and mobile phone numbers and get consent to share data.
  • Have an admin person working with each clinician – increases productivity as they can enter all the data.
  • Offer the shingles and pnuemovax to the at risk groups at the same time.
  • Use the opportunity to achieve some of your QoF targets, blood pressures etc – these can be easily checked, potentially use a clinician or HCA to do this.

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