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GP prescriber number switch-over

Do not use pooled codes for reimbursement claims from April 1

March 8th 2023

Tagged: Dispensary guidance news England Wales

By Ailsa Colquhoun

Practices are reminded that from 1 April 2023,  reimbursement claims should be submitted using a GP prescriber number only. From this date claims incorrectly submitted using a pooled list code will no longer be amended by the NHS BSA.

PCSE has published guidance for practices to configure SystmOne and EMIS to ensure prescribing is correctly allocated.

Pooled list IDs begin with 7 in the format, eg, Dr A T XXXXXXX ID. Practices should have copies on their files of their submitted FP34Ds, on which the pooled code, if used, will be listed.

To understand if or how you have been affected, it may help to compare year-on-year payments for high volume periods, ie October-December 2021 versus 2020, where the discrepancy may be more obvious.

The DDA advises practices to use GP prescriber numbers for claims with immediate effect.

NHS England, NHS BSA and PCSE are undertaking a retrospective reconciliation exercise to ensure the correct payments have or will be made. Where required appropriate adjustments will be made.

Where an outstanding payment is causing a practice difficulty, NHS England advises that the practice should make their local commissioner aware as it may be possible to provide a potential advance payment, until the matter is resolved.

To understand what claims have been submitted and are outstanding, practices should contact [email protected]