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How to claim for flu vaccines

Useful advice from the NHS BSA

November 5th 2019

Tagged: Dispensary guidance news England

By Ailsa Colquhoun

NHS BSA’s October Hints and Tips edition reminds dispensary staff how to complete the FP34D/PD Appendix form.

Correct submissions contain the following information:

  • the brand supplied and the maker’s name if not claiming a drug tariff item
  • the pack size and presentation. For example, 10, Vial or 1, Pre-filled syringe
  • the dosage
  • total number of doses

Writing ‘flu vaccines’ and a quantity is not enough information to process your claim correctly.

Practices are reminded to only submit an FP34D/FP34PD Appendix form or FP10 prescription form for payment to cover the dispensing of a vaccine for personal administration where the vaccine has been purchased by the practice.

Other information in the October Hints and Tips includes:

A licensed version of melatonin 3mg tablets (Colonis Pharma Ltd) has been added to the dm+d, and should be dispensed in preference to an imported or special melatonin 3mg standard release tablet option

Exemption certificate management:

  • Note the certificate expiry date on the PMR to avoid duplicating requests to patients
  • Check ‘evidence not seen’ on reverse of prescription form if a patient states they are exempt from paying a prescription charge, but is unable to provide evidence. Dispense the prescription items and advise the patient that NHS checks are routinely undertaken to verify exemption status. Exemption status can be checked online
  • Visit the NHSBSA website for full guidance on prescription charges and exemptions, and applying for an exemption certificate

Pre-payment certificates:

  • Patients can purchase through the PPC enquiry line on 0330 330 1341 or by visiting the online application portal. These methods replace application using the paper PPC application form (FP95)
  • Please note that PPCs and maternity exemption certificates are now being issued as digital certificates or doubled-sided A4 paper certificates as the NHS phases out plastic cards
  • A PPC service line is available to dispensary teams (note: not patients) on tel: 0300 330 1009.

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