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July sees some notable price changes

Two drugs stand out

August 1st 2017

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By Wavedata

The July Drug Tariff includes some significant price changes two drugs in particular.

Pregabalin capsules saw some big price drops in the average prices of most packs in July, sparked by tariff price reductions anticipated at the beginning of August. Meanwhile, quetiapine tablets stood out for the size of the price increases for some pack sizes as NCSO prices were published.

Dispensing doctors’ and pharmacy contractors’ abilities to drive the best deals on generics prices came close in terms of average price in July, but dispensing doctors still managed a price advantage. In terms of parallel import average prices, dispensing doctors collectively saw a fall while the pharmacy sector saw the average price increase slightly for the second month in a row.

DDA members can view the detail of Wavedata’s DDA exclusive purchase price analysis for the 12 months to June as well as July’s top risers and fallers, by visiting the analysis library in the Dispensary Management Zone.


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