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Latest Hints & Tips warns of late submission penalty payments

Plus, helpful advice on avoiding refer backs

May 4th 2022

Tagged: Dispensary guidance news

By Ailsa Colquhoun

NHS BSA has published the April 22 (Issue 47) Hints and Tips.

For dispensing GP teams, the relevant items are as follows:

Late submission penalty payment: From April 2022 (March 2022 prescriptions), the contractor will be contacted by the NHS Prescription Services for England, and unless the contractor provides evidence that the appropriate claim form was submitted as per Clause 5A 4, 5 and 6 and that the paper prescriptions were dispatched in line with Clause 5A 4, an administrative deduction of £25 will be made. This deduction reflects the administrative costs involved in NHSBSA calculating and making these payments.

Increases in items that are referred back to contractors for the reason code RB2B: ‘The order/endorsement is incomplete. The presentation must be present. This commonly occurs with handwritten prescriptions. If you receive a referred back item using this code, please endorse the presentation (pharmaceutical form) that was dispensed. If you are dispensing a Drug Tariff item, then please endorse the item as it is listed in the Drug Tariff.

Online Drug Tariff feedback: NHS BSA is seeking feedback on the new digital only Drug Tariff. If you would like to take part email: [email protected] and provide your contact details and area of work The NHS England and Wales Drug Tariff is now only available online. It is available to view three working days before the end of each month. You can subscribe to the Drug Tariff alert to be notified of its publication each month by email.
Other useful links provided in the newsletter include:

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