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Latuda alert

Missing barcode

March 15th 2022

Tagged: MHRA alert


CNX Therapeutics has issued an alert due to missing barcodes in three batches of Latuda (lurasidone) 18.5mg film-coated tablets.

The affected batches are:

Batch NumberExpiry DatePack SizeFirst Distributed
001130 August 202528Not Yet Distributed
001331 December 202528Not Yet Distributed

Latuda 37mg film-coated tablets PLGB 19635/0004

Batch NumberExpiry DatePack SizeFirst Distributed
002030 November 202528Not Yet Distributed
002130 November 202528Not Yet Distributed

Latuda 74 mg film-coated tablets PLGB 19635/0005

Batch NumberExpiry DatePack SizeFirst Distributed
002931 December 202528Not Yet Distributed
003031 December 202528Not Yet Distributed
003131 March 202528Not Yet Distributed

The above batches will be released without EAN barcodes on the cartons. The batch numbers and the expiry dates are present and clearly visible on the cartons and on the blisters. Although fully in line with the Marketing Authorisation, the absence of the barcodes may lead to queries as these may sometimes be used for stock control and automated dispensing.

The expected distribution dates for these batches will take place between April 2022 and July 2022. Healthcare professionals should refer to the batch number and expiry date printed on the carton for stock control and dispensing. The impacted products are within specification and there is no issue with product quality and are not being recalled.

For more information and medical information contact: [email protected]

For stock control queries please contact: [email protected]