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September 29th 2022

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By Ailsa Colquhoun

In the final presentation of the DDA 2022 conference, delegates were advised how to make the best of a practice formulary.

Board member Dr Philip Koopowitz advised dispensers to take the following steps to ensure the practice has a formulary that fits best with the patient’s clinical need, the NHS drug budget and maintains practice viability. His recommendations are:

  • Clinicians must agree the formulary and be given copies
  • Dispensers take ownership/oversight
  • There is regular review and revision
  • The practice has prescribing and dispensing formularies
  • Dispensers must communicate supply issues to prescribers
  • Clinical system/templates are adjusted to reflect formulary.

The presentation also highlighted formulary recommendations in several BNF categories, specifically, which products which should be prescribed as a brand and as a generic, as well as the best dispensing recommendations.

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