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M&A Pharmachem paracetamol recall

Risk of fungal contamination

November 7th 2019

Tagged: MHRA alert


M & A Pharmachem is recalling 40 batches of paracetamol 500mg tablets x 1000 as a precautionary measure, because of possible risk of fungal contamination.

View the affected batches.

The fungus has been identified as Penicillium citrinum. It is unlikely that any affected tablets will have got to patient level as the discolouration is noticeable on opening affected packs.

Healthcare professionals are asked to quarantine all remaining stock and return it to your supplier using your supplier’s approved process.

For stock enquiries, please contact Responsible Person Pauline Caddick:

For medical Information enquiries, please contact Cristina Parau, pharmacovigilance manager:

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