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March madness strikes purchase prices

DDA exclusive analysis looks at pricing trends during March

April 10th 2017

Tagged: DM Zone news

By Wavedata

Overall price trend analysis shows that dispensing doctors are getting cannier with their generics buying. Parallel imports are more problematic for GPs, currently, as good deals come and go in line with market competition and exchange rates.

Of note about March’s risers and fallers is the general lack of identifiable buying patterns. Only among the risers could a price trend be identified for multiple strengths of the same product: three packs of rivastigmine caps and two packs of quinapril tabs. Pramipexole and pramipexole MR tabs also appeared in the risers during March, which may provide a hint for the future for other packs.

In an exclusive deal with the DDA, Wavedata provides full analysis of the risers and fallers during March. DDA members can visit the library of purchase price analyses for the complete picture of purchase price trends and key suppliers during March.


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