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MHRA consults on oxybutynin POM to P switch

Proposal is for Aquiette 2.5mg Tabs for OAB

April 28th 2022

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By Charles Gladwin

A consultation on making oxybutynin hydrochloride available as a pharmacy (P ) medicine for overactive bladder (OAB) has opened.

The MHRA is proposing the POM to P reclassification for Aquiette 2.5mg Tablets, indicated for use by adult women aged 18-65 with long-standing (one month or more) OAB symptoms which are not adequately controlled by bladder training.

After at least 6 weeks of bladder training alone, an initial course of six weeks’ medication could be supplied, with a further 6 weeks’ treatment if bladder symptoms are adequately controlled. Treatment for a maximum of 12 weeks could be provided in the pharmacy.

The consultation closes on May 6th 2022.