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Moderate May produces unremarkable price changes

No real stand-out items

May 31st 2017

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By Wavedata

May produced a fairly routine picture of price changes with no real stand-out items. However, among the fallers were two strengths each of azathioprine, oxycodone PR and torasemide tabs and gamolenic acid and venlafaxine XL caps.

Risers included two packs each of co-amilofruse, propranolol and pramipexole tabs, and piroxicam caps. Only pregabalin caps had a foot in both camps with one pack among the risers and two among the fallers.

Dispensing doctors and pharmacists have fought a valiant battle to get the best prices from their generics and parallel import suppliers – and by the end of April it was clear that dispensing doctors were the victors in both races.

DDA members can view the detail of Wavedata’s DDA exclusive May purchase price analysis by visiting the analysis library in the Dispensary Management Zone.

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