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NHS England announces end to COVID home medicines delivery service

Service will end on March 5

February 25th 2022

Tagged: Dispensary guidance news England COVID19

By Ailsa Colquhoun

NHS England has announced that the COVID-19 Medicines Delivery Service will end on March 5. The announcement currently only applies to pharmacies, but it is also expected to apply to dispensing practices.

The end of the service follows the expiry of the legal duty to self-isolate on Thursday 24 February.

Pharmacies have been told they can still make medicine deliveries to eligible patients who have a CTAS number issued on or before 23 February as long as the CTAS number is valid (i.e. during the maximum 10-day window for self-isolation). CTAS numbers were issued by the Trace Operational serviceĀ  to enable affected people to access the Medicine Delivery Service.

Contractors should note that claims must be submitted no later than 5 April to be remunerated for any deliveries made on or before the 5 March 2022. The payment for the essential element of the medicine delivery service will continue until the end of March.