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NHSE shows av. dispensing fee income of £163K per practice

965 practices actively dispensing

December 3rd 2021

Tagged: NHS statistical reports England

By Ailsa Colquhoun

There are 1,058 dispensing practices in England, of which 965 are actively dispensing (receiving dispensing fees), new NHS GP data shows

The dataset, NHS Payments to General Practice, England 2020/21, shows there are shows that a total of £157.43 million dispensing fees were paid during 2020-21, an average of £163,134 per active practice.

Some 410 practices earned dispensing fees in excess of this average.

Other data shown by the report for all practices includes:

  • £3,980.3 million for global sum
  • £1,564.8 million for balance of PMS Expenditure
  • £800.5 million for premises payments
  • £720.1 million for the Quality and Outcomes Framework

View the datasheets for all English practices and for dispensing practices sorted by dispensing income.