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PIR to transition to real-time data access, CQC envisages

Simplified KLOEs will focus on "things that matter"

June 1st 2021

Tagged: England CQC

By Ailsa Colquhoun

Provider information returns will be replaced by access to real-time data, the CQC has said, explaining its new regulatory strategy in a press conference attended by The Dispensing Doctors’ Association.

CQC chief operating officer Kirsty Shaw said that the Commission was working towards the goal of being able to “tap into” provider systems to access the required regulatory information. This will be via a new data portal that updates in real time, and which will be supported by information on providers already available from existing sources, such as NHS England.

“This will avoid providers having to repackage data for the CQC and endless forms”, CQC chief inspectors told the conference.

The CQC has described its new strategy as “an evolution” and said that providers should expect “significant deliveries over the coming year”.

Providers were told to see the strategy document as an “open call to action” that will result in a “multi-year programme of work”.

Among the early details to emerge from the new strategy is the development of simplified KLOEs that will build on the current five key questions, but which will “only measure the things that make a difference”, said chief executive Ian Trenholm.