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Pregabalin stars among October’s price fallers

October 2017 purchase price analysis

November 7th 2017

Tagged: DM Zone news

By Wavedata

Pregabalin caps were the principle highlight of October’s risers and fallers, with seven packs among the fallers. Both the average market and concession prices have fallen in October, and this looks likely to lead to continued price reductions as the number of market offers has increased, indicating an increases in stock availability.

Looking at the spreadsheet and the trend graphs for generics and parallel imports, it is clear there are differences between the pharmacy and dispensing practice markets: in pharmacy, the purchase lines appear smooth, which may indicate that suppliers change their prices carefully and strategically, while the dispensing doctor lines on both graphs have more peaks and troughs. This could either indicate the sporadic nature of dispensing GP deals or it indicates the difficulty overstretched GPs have in negotiating effectively with suppliers, compared to the power of professional buyers in the pharmacy world.

DDA members can view the spreadsheet and more detailed commentary by visiting our library of purchase price analyses.

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