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Prescribing volumes up 0.3 per cent in England in 2018

NIC down

April 3rd 2019

Tagged: NHS statistical reports England

By Ailsa Colquhoun

Prescribing volumes increased 0.3 per cent (2.9 million) items during 2017-18, latest data from NHS England has revealed.

Net ingredient costs, however, have fallen during the year by 3.7 per cent (£336.6m) to £8.8 billion.

10 BNF chapters account for 91 per cent of prescribing volumes. These are shown below in descending order, with percentage changes since 2017:

  • Cardiovascular: 324.24m (+0.9 per cent)
  • CNS: 210.40m (+0.93 per cent)
  • Endocrine: 111.49m (+2.47 per cent)
  • Gastrointestinal: 100.03m (+0.92 per cent)
  • Respiratory: 71.71m (-0.58 per cent)
  • Nutrition and blood: 60.53m (+0.55 per cent)
  • Infections: 41.76m (-4.06 per cent)
  • Skin: 31.79m (-8.61 per cent)
  • Musculoskeletal and joint disease: 31.22m (-3.05 per cent)
  • Obstetric, gynaecology and urinary tract: 30.59m (+2.3 per cent)

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