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Primary Care Networks: your questions answered

FAQs on PCNs

March 14th 2019

Tagged: political news England

By Wessex LMC

Wessex LMC has answered a number of questions about primary care networks, the development of which are a key Department of Health and Social Care priority for GPs in England.

The questions are

1. Can the CCG determine the size and make up of our PCN?

2. Why do they have to be geographically based and why is there a population limit of 30-50,000?

3. Can we exclude a local practice because relationships are poor and they will potentially damage our PCN?

4. What are the incentives in terms of joining a network?

5. What happens if we decide not to join the network?

Please download the answers

With thanks to Wessex LMC for permission to reproduce this information.

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